AQUACEL® Burn Clinical Summaries

AQUACEL® Dressings

Towers V

Burn wounds: Hydrofiber™  Technology dressings with ionic silver effectively reduce microbial activity (AQUACEL® Ag Burn Dressings; in vitro)


Caruso DM

Partial thickness burns: Hydrofiber™ Technology silver dressings reinforced with nylon conform to wound bed, reduce pain (AQUACEL® Ag Burn Dressings; non-comparative trial)


Kershaw VM

Silver-containing burn dressings with nylon: Achieve intimate contact with wound bed, high fluid retention, low lateral spread of fluid (AQUACEL® Ag Burn vs. six competitor dressings; in vitro)


Pomeroy D

Managing frostbite: Hydrofiber™ Technology dressings with ionic silver reduce pain and readmission rates, support standardized care protocols (AQUACEL® Ag Burn)


Adams SM

Silver-containing wound dressings: Effective as bacterial barrier (AQUACEL® Ag, AQUACEL® Ag Burn vs. Jelonet; in vitro)


Ballamy L

Hand burns: Design, development, testing of a novel glove dressing (AQUACEL® Burn Glove; in vitro)